About Us


SolarTech USA was founded by Ben Zhang in 2009 as a solar energy solutions provider. Born in China around the Cultural Revolution and raised during these turbulent years in Chinese history, Ben came to the US with only a few hundred dollars in his pocket. He worked his way through college and subsequently pursued graduate degrees (MBA and MSEE) from both Harvard and Cornell Universities.

Proven Track Record

Ben Zhang is Founder and CEO of Greater China Industries (GC), a growing supplier in the US Promotional Products Industry. Since founding Greater China in 1995, Ben has consistently grown the business despite two major economic crisis (dot com downturn in 2000 and the sub-prime meltdown in 2008 and 2009). For this and other achievements, Ben was honored with the “2009 Global Innovator Award” presented by City University of Seattle and the “2009 King County Minority Business of the Year Award” designated by the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.

Ben Zhang's 15 year experience as CEO of Greater China brings a vast range of experience importing, managing, and sourcing multiple thousands of products from China. He has extensive network contacts in both the promotional products industry in the US and hundreds of manufacturers throughout China. He maintains a great reputation with business partners, customers and vendors.


High professional integrity and premium service are essential for customer satisfaction and value creation. Human capital is SolarTech USA’s prominent global competitive advantage. Through its founders, management team and consultants, SolarTech USA has global access to management and technical expertise, business experience, and financial resources to maximize value for all stakeholders. With a mixture of domestic and international talent, our people are free-thinking, diversified, open-minded and full of ideas. They have the drive to produce, the skills to deliver and the passion for excellence!