Design and Development

Solar Design and Development

As shown in the diagram above, the solar energy value chain is actually a labor and capital intensive manufacturing process. As a result, China has gone from zero production of solar panels and solar energy in 1999 to the world leader in 2008.

SolarTech USA leverages our know-how and relationships with key solar manufacturers from Asia, as well as distribution and installation partners here in the USA, to focus on the design, development and customized services of our own innovative product offerings.  SolarTech USA has 5 patent pending solar charger products to bring value to both consumer and commercial solar segments.  We are a full-service solar solutions provider.

We provide "one-stop" capability in the following areas:
• Market and competitive analysis.
• Solar application engineering.

• Solar technical and performance assessment.
• Solar product design and development.
• Product/component Sourcing and Manufacturing.

• Quality assurance and supply chain management.
• Logistics support between ASIA and the USA.

• Clarification of governmental regulation, policies, grants and tax incentives to create finanicial benefit opportunities in the market place.
• Education of our customers about solar technologies, benefits of solar energy, and ROI potentials.
• After-sale service and support to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Solar Design and Product Development is best classified into two major segments: 

Consumer Solar Segment

SolarTech USA develops value enhanced, affordable, and practical products targeting Fortune 1000 corporations, retailers, and consumers in the USA market. These products are value driven, relevent for daily life and use, affordable, multi-functional, and in many cases, offer multiple applications.

Commercial Solar Segment

SolarTech USA also develops products focusing on solar power generation for roof tops on both commercial and residential buildings, solar hot water for homes and pools, solar home systems for backup power and solar lighting systems for streets, highways, parks and gardens.