Sourcing and Logistics


Solar Tech USA takes advantage of hundreds of manufacturer relationships to access factories efficiently and effectively for sourcing needs. Simultaneously our experience bi-lingual sourcing teams in both the US and China are constantly identifying, screening and establishing new relationships with manufacturers to meet our needs for innovative solar energy products.

Project Management

Managing the production of any custom product is challenging; however, when distance, language and cultural differences are added, the task is best left to experienced professionals. Members of Solar Tech’s production team are not only bilingual but have lived in both China and the United States. Most important to you, Solar Tech USA is a domestic company, based in Bellevue Washington, so we understand product expectations from a US perspective as well as how these expectations are best supplied within Chinese manufacturing processes and protocols. Our Project Managers are dedicated to insuring your products are manufactured according to your specifications and delivered on time and on budget.


We work tirelessly with a number of ocean and air carriers to insure on-time delivery of all the orders.

Arranging Shipping 

Although you may prefer to receive goods FOB (Free on Board) China, most clients appreciate Solar Tech USA arranging logisitic for their import order. We work with a number of reliable ocean and air shippers to coordinate optimal shipping arrangements for your project, providing you the confidence that your goods will arrive as promised – without the headaches and uncertainty that can arise when doing it yourself. We can also arrange shipping to destinations outside the USA.

Arranging Customs

Most products entering the United States are subject to US Customs inspection as well as US Customs duty. Our logistics team handles all our own customs paperwork and clearance processing to streamline this process and guide your shipments through ever-changing import regulations. This insures your products are compliant and that your goods are processed in the timeliest and most cost efficient manner.

Unloading, Palletizing, Storage and Other Port Services

Upon arrival at port and after Customs clearance, Solar Tech works closely with port warehouses to monitor the palletizing and availability of your cargo. This ensures a fast, seamless turnaround. We can also help you find fulfillment and warehousing services if needed.

Domestic Delivery

In addition to the option of you picking up your own goods at port LDP (Landed Duty Paid), Solar Tech gives you the option of having our logistics team arrange inland delivery to door for any shipment. This seamless process allows you more time to focus on selling and servicing your clients. Solar Tech USA offers standard and expedited options, online tracking, and written Proof of Delivery (POD) on shipments as needed.