Vision, Values and Code of Conduct


To be the leading innovative and affordable solutions provider of solar energy in the USA



Solar Tech USA strives to uphold, represent, and demonstrate the following core values in every aspect of business operations:

• Integrity
• Teamwork
• Creativity
• Excellence
• Customer Service


Code of Conduct

Solar Tech USA has high standards for the quality and safety of our products and services.  We are dedicated to doing business in an ethical and responsible manner consistent with our vision, mission and the following Code of Conduct.

• Product Safety: We comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding safety of products we produce and sell.  We will meet recognized voluntary industry standards for our products and processes.

• Environmental Impact: Solar Tech USA abides by environmental regulations. We manage our manufacturing footprint and our energy, water, and waste systems to minimize any adverse impact on the environment.

• No discrimination: We do not discriminate in hiring and employment practices on the basis of age, nationality, race, religion, social or ethnic orientation, gender or disability.

• Proper Workplace: Solar Tech USA provides a safe, healthy and secure workplace.

• Fair Compensation: We comply with all applicable wage, work hours, benefits, and overtime regulations.

• Good Labor Practices: We do not support any form of forced labor or use of physical or verbal harassment to discipline employees. We comply with all minimum wage and age provisions and regulations.

• Freedom of Association: Solar Tech USA respects the right of employees to associate and to organize or join a union without fear of reprisal or interference.  We also respect the right to bargain collectively.

• True in Spirit: In the absence of law in China on these standards, Solar Tech and our partner manufacturers meet the spirit and intent of these policies independently.