Why SolarTech USA?

People make the difference between being good and being outstanding...PEOPLE are SolarTech USA's most valuable asset!   Our team nourishes our culture, creates innovation, and builds success.

Here are several great reasons to join SolarTech USA:

Eco-friendly Work – We are part of the world's first long term environmentally sustainable industry. You will be proud to let your friends and family know the type of work you do and that you are sustaining the environment.

Attractive Compensation Package – Competitive salary, medical insurance, referral bonus and other benefits.

Performance Reviews – Bi-annual feedback and performance reviews.

Career Development – We offer a personal training program, knowledge sharing seminars, internal and external training workshops, and opportunities to travel to China to meet our China team and business partners.

Flexibility – We offer an ever changing, dynamic environment.

Problem Solving – You will pinpoint and resolve important challenges before they become problems.

Creativity – We want your bright new ideas that will change other’s opinions, a passion for expanding knowledge and experience.

Communication – We have a creative environment where you will not be afraid to speak out and be heard.


Apply Online

Please submit resume and cover letter to: Ben@solartech-usa.com